Production Design for fine arts & theatre .

Circular Ruins In the installation Fion Tan plays on the former use of Le Grand-Hornu as a coal mine.

Apart, We Are Together I You as a public can experience that even in the absence of movement or interaction there is still interaction between each other and the environment.

The Higher Office Artist and writer Richtje Reinsma, invites you to visit The Higher Office and create your own personal ex-voto's.

Stair Light Design Stair lights designed for the Amsterdam Film Week Festival.
King Lear jr It tells the tale of a king who bequeaths his power and land to two of his three daughters, after they declare their love for him in a fawning and obsequious manner.

Props for
fine arts & theatre .

Geografie der Zeit Fiona Tan has transformed the ground floor of the MMK 1 into a parcours in which video projections, audio and sculptural works join in a concentrated reflection on the individual in an increasingly disjointed globalized world.

Options & Futures New video installations and spatial images included in this carefully orchestrated and enigmatic environment.

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