In the back room Fiona Tan creates a dramatic architectural metamorphosis; It's a new twist in her oeuvre. New video installations and spatial images included in this carefully orchestrated and enigmatic environment. For her biggest, complex installation she traveled among other things to Detroit (USA), Fukushima (Japan), Cork (Ireland) and Angers (France) to capture social decay and economic devastation. She presents us a sample of her own complex feelings and the communities she encounters in a time of turmoil and tumult. The "system" (the government and large institutions) will no longer be trusted.

Options & Futures           
Mixed media installation 2014
All works courtesy the artist Fiona Tan and Frith Street Gallery London

Rabo Kunstzone Utrecht
Year: 2014
Runtime: From 8 April to 18 September 2014
Artist: Fiona Tan
Art Director: Patty Groot Bluemink
1st Assistant Art Director: Marieke van den Bosch