In this engicmatic photo series Is this the Poem I promised you? Dutch photographer Richard Westerhuis subtly portrays the concept of domesticity.
The characters from the story have disappeared, but what they have left behind speaks volumes and stimulates our imagination.

In every photo of such a created room, the light is slightly different and there are new props to be seen. They raise many questions: Who were the inhabitans of this house? Why did they suddenly leave? Did something bad happen? Or is there another, much simpeler explanation for why the rooms look so cluttered and empty?  

The creation of this special series was a search for the ideal color palette. In the style of the old masters of painting, Westerhuis created a unique palette of 47 colors chosen from 400 different color filters. This palette in combination with the completely handmade decors results in unique compositions. Pure manual work without digital post-processing, just like the old masters of painting.
Is this the Poem I promised you?
Photo series 2021
All works courtesy the artist Richard Westerhuis 

Year: 2021
Artist: Richard Westerhuis
Set design: Marieke van den Bosch
Set design assistant: Fien Lute
Set design assistant: Lotte Mulder
Set construction: Daniel Hofstede
Painter assistant: Pernilla Philip
Thanks: Ina Oenema