Fiona Tan has transformed the ground floor of the MMK 1 into a parcours in which video projections, audio and sculptural works join in a concentrated reflection on the individual in an increasingly disjointed globalized world.
The artist contrasts her filmic portraits of these melancholic sites with a domestic environment that seems to be expecting the return of its mysterious inhabitant at any moment.

Geografie der Zeit           
Mixed media installation 2016
All works courtesy the artist Fiona Tan and Frith Street Gallery London

Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main
Year: 2016
Runtime: From 17 September to 15 January 2017
Artist: Fiona Tan
Installation mysterious inhabatant: Marieke van den Bosch
Original Idea: Patty Groot Bluemink for the Exhibition Options & Futures Rabo Kunstzone Utrecht