In summer - In de zomer
Ilia ten Böhmer

Winner Buma award
Best Original Composition in Documentary, Short Film, Telefilm and Animation 2019

Official Première at NFF 2018

Each in her own way, two sisters compete for their Turkish father’s approval. When he is no longer among them, they learn to appreciate their mutual differences better.

How can you qualify first for your father’s affection? By being as obedient and as faithful to tradition as possible? Or by living completely unconventionally and untouched? The Turkish sisters Meral and Elif lead these contrasting ways of life, which causes tension when they help their dad move to Turkey. The memories merge with the present, in which their father is no longer among them. Can the two highly different women learn to appreciate each other again when sharing a loss?

Language: Dutch 
Year: 2018
Runtime: 17 min
Director: Ilia ten Böhmer
Writing: Ebru Akyildiz
Director of Photography: Aziz Al-Dilaimi
Production Design: Marieke van den Bosch
Production Company: Revolver
Producer: Raymond van der Kaaij
Line Producer: Charlotte Spronk
Stars: Gonca Karasu, Ergun Simsek, Gamze Tazim
Music: Wouter van den Boogaard

Think of something blue - Denk maar aan iets blauws
Jerry de Mars
Selected for the Copenhagen Film Festival 2018, The European Independent Film Festival Paris (ÉCU), Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, BAFTA Festival Wales, PIFF, Tokyo Sun Festival, Nominated MR ZEE best Cinematography.

THINK OF SOMETHING BLUE is based on a Dutch Poem by Martijn den Ouden. It portrays a man, dealing with loneliness and mourning, comforted by memories of his loved one.

Language: Dutch
Year: 2018
Runtime: 6 min
Director: Jerry de Mars
Poem: Martijn den Ouden
Director of Photography: Thijmen Doornik
Production Design: Marieke van den Bosch
Costume Design: Patricia Hofstede
Stars: Wynn Heliczer, Gabriel Aquilera, Sofia Maria Kikilintzia, Petra Mavridi, Elpidou Stathatou

A set must play its part.