underwater sequence

Filmmaker Allard grew up in a one-parent family with a mother suffering from a borderline personality disorder. A personal documentary about the symbiotic relationship of the maker with his mother.Twenty years after Allard brought back the relationship with his mother to a minimum, the police calls him. They found her in a completely dishevelled house where she can no longer take care of herself. He decides not to abandon her in this state and takes responsibility for her care. Eventually, she ends up in a closed psychiatric ward. In this documentary, she blames her son for everything and wants him to behave like a good son.

In a series of beautifully designed visual interludes, we see the son underwater: gasping for air, entangled in octopus-like arms, clinging to the white bear. See what you want in it, but associations with a uterus are obvious. At the end, the son swims free to a spot of light. "'Umbilical cord of barbed wire' was the working title," jokes the filmmaker. “I thought it was a bit heavy. But it does reflect my feeling.” 

de Volkskrant:
Detiger also looks for the light in stylized, womb-like underwater images that appear as a motif in the film. It is a bit larmoyant, how the forties, dressed in pajamas, swims towards his old, sad tedday bear in the dark. At the same time, these symbolic images form oases of peace and clarity in the barrage of raw family scenes. As if the film also briefly escapes Inkeke’s heartbraking diatribes. 

Premiered at Nederlands Film Festival 2022

Language: Dutch 
Year: 2022
Runtime: 85 min
Director: Allard Detiger

Underwater sequence:
Director of Photography: Bas Andries
Production Design: Marieke van den Bosch
Property Master: Elia Castino
Set Dresser: Marnix Bloemberg
Divers: Sjouke Brunia, Mano van der Blom, Siebe Stolk
Production Company: Selfmade films
Producer: Steven Rubinstein Malamud
Line Producer: Annemiek Munneke